Choose FI Book Review

I am someone who is relatively new to the FI community, and this book was excellent at helping me build a foundation for building my own pillars of FI. The Choose FI book begins by outlining the stages of FI and then by walking you through identifying your own reasons to pursue financial independence. For me and my why, I want to someday have more free time with those I care most about; I want to travel regularly; I want to be able to say “no” to tasks I don’t want to do. I’ve loved almost every job and side gig I’ve held, but I want work to someday be an option, not a necessity. Know that identifying your “why” will make the information in this book all the more important. I got my first job when I was 14, and I’ve consistently been working at least two jobs since I was 19, and I recognize the place of privilege I’m in now to be able to even think about this concept.

This book is outlined into five main sections with 15 chapters. I already tackled the “introduction” section for getting started and identifying your “why.” The remaining sections focus on spending less (and increasing the value in your life), increasing your earnings (hello networking, career-building, and hacking college), and investing better. Finally, you end by imaging your life the way you want it, bringing you back to the intentions you set at the beginning of the book.

This post provides a brief summary of the content contained within this book, and if you’re remotely interested in the concepts surrounding Financial Independence, this review is a must read.