Meet Your Lifebrarian

How many of you could be better with your money?

*raises my own hand*

There’s always room for improvement.

In this blog I give Millennials and Gen-Z folks tips and tricks for better managing your money with practical advice from someone who’s been there. I’ll share my own journey through creating and sticking to a budget; financially surviving graduate school; managing savings goals, student loan payments, and retirement contributions; and a little about my journey to live a more minimalist lifestyle. I’ll also provide you with resources to help you along your own journey toward being more financially independent.

My interest in budgeting started from a very early age. My mom gave me a piggy-bank with the “Give, Save, Spend” logic in mind, and then opened a savings account for me when I was 10. I was always a saver, but I didn’t get really serious about budgeting and my money until I was a sophomore in college…and from there I learned how to live on less and make the best damn Ramen noodles you’ve ever had (well, the best Ramen you can get at 35cents per serving).

Let me be clear, I am *NOT* a certified financial expert; this is my hobby, so any advice in this blog should be viewed with a critical thinking cap. I am a librarian, and I *AM* an expert in answering questions and connecting people with resources they need. I survived grad school twice, and anyone who’s been to grad school knows that graduate students are experts in knowing how to do a lot with a little. I managed to finish my undergrad degree and first grad degree completely debt free, and I didn’t receive some big inheritance to pay for it. If anyone knows how to hustle for her money, it’s me. Now I’m working toward FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), and I just may start writing about that as I’m shelling out advice.

If you want to learn how to be better with your money without the bullshit, to learn the tools to pay down debt and stress less about where your paycheck keeps going, and to learn to live a more meaningful life with less stuff, subscribe to this blog so you won’t miss a thing.

Your Lifebrarian Lindsey

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