The Four Things That Happen When You Talk About Money With Your Girl Squad

You’ll Actually Want to Talk About Money

First thing’s first: get rid of the notion that money talk is taboo. Prior to starting this blog I only had a couple of friends that I talked with about money…but believe me when I say that I have always loved talking about money…but I never really thought it was socially acceptable to do so IRL. After starting this blog, I’ve had a bunch of conversations about money with the people in my life, but especially with the women in my life…and most of those conversations were instigated by them. Because I’ve opened up the conversation about money, and let others in my life know I’m 100% okay with talking about money, I’ve unintentionally opened up the floodgates about money conversations in almost all of my social circles.

Talking about money can be really stressful, but the moment someone in your friend group starts talking about money in a matter-of-fact way is the moment that your crew’s lives will change forever. Removing the notion that talking about money is “shameful” or a “we shouldn’t go there” conversation will only help us catch up to the duderuses of the world.

You Can Learn From One Another

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t know everything you’ll ever need to know about money right at this very moment. I know there’s a lot that I don’t know, and I often look to my peers AND my money mentors to share with me their experiences in most things about money. I wouldn’t consider these conversations as professional advice, but it is insightful to listen to friends’ experiences with budgeting, saving, and investing in the same way that it’s helpful to get relationship advice from those who have been in relationships…it provides an additional perspective.

I’ve personally learned a few things from talking with my girlfriends about money. I learned how to see what my estimated social security monthly check will be (lol like that will exist then). I’ve also talked with friends about the pros and cons about being a one-car or two-car household and what’s worked for them. I’ve also learned what not to do from friends, like take out the maximum amount possible in student loans, or not keeping track of my budget.

The conversations you have with your friends is really helpful in the sense that you aren’t juggling learning about these topics on your own…but rather, you can learn from each other and with each other what you should and shouldn’t do in the event that you’re faced with a similar experience.

You’ll Get Closer To Achieving Your Goals

Talking about money with your crew doesn’t have to be something uncomfortable. When you share with trusted others about your money pitfalls, your crew can help hold you accountable (to an extent). When you share about your money goals, your friends can check in with you every so often to make sure you’re staying on the right track to make those dreams a reality. You don’t have to get overly personal or overly specific…just being able to say “I’m making progress on my goal” is more than sufficient.

Sharing with your crew about your money pitfalls and your money goals will not only allow you to learn from one another, but you will also have a sense of accountability. Whether you’re saving for your emergency fund, a weekend getaway, or even saving for a downpayment on a house, your crew will be there to encourage you and build you up. Talking about your goals with your people will only bring you closer to achieving those goals.

You’ll Learn Your Value

One of my Money Mentors, who is a woman roughly 25 years older than me, once told me about Mika Brzesinski’s book, “Know Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What Your Worth“, and it was a life changer for me. Mika has been a champion for women to advocate for themselves and to have those hard money conversations with current and prospective employers… I didn’t learn about Mika’s book until after I had already accepted a job offer–but I used what I learned from her book and from my money mentor to speak up for myself and ask for a raise. Did I get that raise? Not necessarily… But the recommendation from my money mentor and the advice in Mika’s book really helped me learn my value and now I know exactly what to do before moving into my next job to secure the salary I deserve (whenever that will be). When women start conversing with each other about things like salaries and professional accomplishments with each other, it helps normalize these conversations we’ll have to have with others. If we learn to put ourselves out there, we’ll be unstoppable.

Talking with your girl squad about money is more than learning and achieving our goals…it’s about getting to your best self and living your life unapologetically yours.

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